The public funding system of Associations in Tunisia

Al Kawakiby Center for Democracy Transition Systems, in cooperation with the Prime Minister- relationship with the constitutional bodies and civil society organized a seminar on the public financing system for associations on Thursday, October 29, 2015 in Tunis.

The seminar was organized to find out the various shortcomings of the public financing system for associations in order to introduce amendments to the procedural and legal occasion to improve the greatest efficiency and giving.

The objectives of the meeting in the evaluation of public funding mechanisms in the light of Article 5183, 2013, dated November 18, 2013, and the diagnosis of the difficulties faced by the public donors for public financing, as well as listen to public authorities proposals and consult with them in order to improve the public finance system and bring efficiency them.

The Seminar was attended by public finance ministries of the administrative and public facilities and monitors expenses and observers of the state and a group of General Tire and representatives of the control structures and representatives of local authorities and a number of experts in the field of associations and public institutions.